Analog curve widget

This video and the inspiration for this project is taken from the software Gimp.

Possible Applications for the widget:

  • Quadcopter remote control
  • Improving the wheel interface for car simulations
  • PID Controllers
  • Improving the touch sensitivity of MIDI keyboards
  • IoT projects with analog values
  • Blinking sequences (Twinkle, Heartbeat, Flash, …)

We are currently developing a Javascript widget, which can be included in any webapplication, which will be able to define an analog curve mapping. We would like to finance the development with this campaign and publish the resulting Javascript library as OpenSource (License: GNU GPL V3).

We would like to finance the development to make it opensource through the ForgeFunder crowdfunding model

As soon as enough pledges for 1000 EUR are collected, all backers will be notified and asked to pay up. The crowdfunding pledge phase will end on 24th December 2018, or 1 week after pledges worth 1000 EUR total have been collected, whichever comes first. Remaining time: Campaign is over

As soon as the 1000 EUR will have been received, the widget software will be released as OpenSource.

The payment methods offered are: Bank Transfer, PayPal, BTC.


Maximum price you would be willing to pay: (*) EUR
Your email address: (*)
Any preferences regarding payment:
If the campaign price is below the amount you pledged, do you want to:
have the remaining money invested into the development of more cool projects
have your price reduced to the campaign price

Status & Statistics:


28.10.2018: The campaign has been started.


The Javascript widget as a javascript library, which can be included on the browser side in any web application. The widget will provide a onChange notification for realtime updates, and the curve parameters in JSON format. A Javascript function which can be embedded into any client or server side application, which returns the mapped value when given the curve parameters and the input value.


  • Since this campaign is currently not validating credit cards, it could be that the people who pledge will not pay up, so that the campaign might fail, even though it seemed to succeed.

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