Novena Mezzanine Board

The Novena ICE40 Mezzanine board is a addon extension board for the Novena computers which provides an ICE40 FPGA. The FPGA can be programmed with Yosys and IceStorm, and those tools are running on the Novena.

This is a crowdfunding campaign for a production run of the Novena ICE40 Add-On FPGA Mezzanine board (Revision 6) with ICE40.

The original board design is from Jamie Craig, who thankfully made it available as an OpenHardware design. This production run is organized by Philipp G├╝hring. The boards will have an official serial number provided by Jamie Craig.

Why is this FPGA board interesting for Novena owners? Because the FPGA can be programmed with Yosys and IceStorm, and those tools are running on Novena.

You can read more about the board itself here:


Maximum price you would be willing to pay per board: (*) EUR
How many boards do you want: (*)
Your email address: (*)
Any preferences regarding payment:
If the campaign price is below the amount you pledged, do you want to:
have the remaining money invested into the production of spare parts that can be bought later on
have your price reduced to the campaign price

Status & Statistics:


7.April 2019: There are still 5 boards in stock.

1.June 2018: All boards have arrived at the backers. A few spare boards are still available from the production.

22.April 2018: The production has finished, we produced approximately 45 good boards, 3 defect boards and several unassembled and several defect PCBs. 4 Boards have been shipped yesterday, 15 packages were packed today and will be shipped tomorrow.

24.February 2018: We are currently in the ordering process for the first production run. All orders until today are included. Any orders from now on will be placed in a queue for a second production run. The pricing model for a second production run has not been defined yet, so the calculation will not be accurate until that point. IF YOU HAVE DECLARED INTEREST BUT NOT RECEIVED ANY EMAILS REGARDING PAYMENT AND SHIPMENT DETAILS, PLEASE CONTACT US NOW.

Crowdfunding Campaign:

The price of the board strongly depends on the number of boards that will be bought, due to the high initial setup costs. The price per board varies between 75 EUR and 350 EUR. Therefore I would like to try a new crowdfunding model through ForgeFunder.

The current plan is to ship the boards in April 2018, but potential delays in purchasing the parts might delay the production.


  • I have not designed the board, so I cannot guarantee any fitness for use.
  • Since this campaign is currently not validating credit cards, it could be that the people who pledge will not pay up, so that the campaign might fail, even though it seemed to succeed.

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